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Monday, January 8, 2018

What a way to start the new year!

2018 has come in with all sorts of wild excitement! 

January 1st - I resolved to be more optimist (at least for the day). So let's not say I had a terrible stomach bug --> instead I will say I began the new year with a colon cleanse! Nice fresh and clean! 

January 2nd - My car wouldn't start. But let's think about it: the weather was -50* F with windchill (even I didn't want to start).  It was easy to remain optimistic when the 4th person I called was able to bring me to work and pick me up. That day brought me on quite an adventure with an hour car ride to the middle of nowhere, to locate a battery for my car and multiple friends and multiple helpers - which ended in a running car (it was almost 11 pm, but it was still within the same day)!! No need to "try" to be optimistic when you are surrounded by loving and supporting friends! 

January 3rd - I came home from work to the smell of something burning! I had left the space heater running near the pipes so they wouldn't freeze - and after having that heater for 15 years or so, it finally kicked the bucket. The safety 'shut-off' kicked in and saved me from a much worse fate.  So I sat at my computer working and searching for the same space heater (if it lasted 15 + years and the safety worked - I think I need another of the same). But of course, it is impossible to find... and we were expecting a snowstorm in the middle of this deep freeze... so everywhere I looked was in short supply of space heaters (and if I ordered online - the delivery might be delayed due to the storm). So finally I just drove up to the store and bought the only one (of the size I needed) that they had left.  That was a wasted night. But I did get some typing done and I did end up with a space heater and the piped didn't freeze. (AND my son came back to my house after visiting his father. Always a joy to see my son.)

January 4th - I cooked up a turkey breast and my son's favorite fixings... and we cleaned the house... and my son says: I still need to finish that painting for school.
He started it at school - this is what it looked
like when he began to work on it in my studio
So we drag it out and I showed him how my painting set-up in my studio is laid out. And I taught him basic color mixing and color theory... and as I do with all my students: I let him go at it and explore the medium and his abilities.
I know I shouldn't be surprised by his ability - he has been learning about art through osmosis for 20 years. But with little skill and no formal lessons he really knocked it out of the park! SO VERY PROUD OF HIM!
January 5th/6th - While he painted for two more days, I made YET ANOTHER fuzzy wrap/sweater/poncho thingy as a gift (pretty darn close to the last of them).  I can't post a pic - cause I forgot to take one! And - my son, who magically decorated for Christmas, magically undecorated from Christmas (it truly was one of the most magical Christmases ever)! 

January 7th - It is time to return my son to college to finish his 3rd year.  We spent the morning packing and then Auntie joined us (especially since my car is still acting goofy in this cold - her Jeep was much appreciated)!  And we are half way there and it is just about noon and... well... this happened...
Cause why not give the kid one last tasty meal before he must suffer with campus food. It would have been very enjoyable except he ate a big old hot pepper from Auntie's plate (too much too fast) and much hotter than expected.
Yes - he is suffering and I think - this is a perfect time for a selfie! Cheese! Don't my little hair buns look cute?! The darn window behind me is so bright that you really can't see.

Auntie and I left my son at school - then wandered off to the fabric store.  She picked out fabric for me to make her stuff. I finally found some nice pants material. Then Auntie was giving knitting lessons in the yarn department while I randomly ran amuck around the store playing with glitter and anything that had textures and talking to too many strangers. We left a few hours after we got there - but only because we were getting thirsty! AND before I even got to the painting section - but I actually NEED brushes and some paints. (guess I will be ordering with Dick Blick)

January 8th - I worked today. I skipped my usual Monday night grocery shopping to come home and get some of this creative stuff done. Step one: update blog! Step two: let's make a list. Step three: Then let's get it done!

My to-do list:
~make Auntie a poncho [complete by mid-February]
~finish two scarves (I can't run the sewing machine the same time the space heater is running - without tripping the circuit. So I have a couple things to finish that should have been done last week!) [make time machine and finish by last week]
~finish two shirts [make time machine and finish by last week]
~crochet a little (Someone is expecting a baby this spring and you know I just have to make a blanket) [complete by April]
~make myself a couple pair of pants and mend some of my clothes [open ended deadline... let's bet on if it will ever happen]
~paint - I need 25 new paintings for a show opens in November 2018 [complete one every 2 weeks]

So if you don't hear from me as often. I am sorry - I will try to post. I will not be able to post my finished paintings as the show will remain unpublished previous to opening. (Yes, I know those canvases are small - show requirements.)

- so until next time: go ahead and do something creative! (Even if its just silly hair buns on both sides of the top of your head!) -JJ

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