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Monday, December 11, 2017

Tis the busy season!!!

Oh where, oh where have I been?! 
Such a good question! I am so glad you asked!

One day I was in my studio creating...
when suddenly the over whelming urge happened - to make Victorian hats...
Next thing ya know I have made, and made, and made 
then find myself in the middle of a Victorian Stroll!

**But I am supposed to be making Christmas - like a little elf!**
Damn distractions! 

 Like this any-which-way scarf - or a few of them! Or like this...
Or like this...
 Or this..
 Or this...
WAIT!  That hat is not for Christmas!!!! That is a Stevie Nicks Inspired Hat!!! 
Perfect for that 80's Themed Christmas Party! 

Of Course I pulled together a Stevie Nicks inspired costume to go with it!

* * *
And Just like the magic of Christmas: I start in my Studio - get transported to the Victorian age for a stroll - then back to my studio just to be transported again to a raging party in the 1980s!!! 

So forgive me if I haven't been at my desk typing away about it all. I might be feeling jet lagged from all the time travel! 
I have 50% of my gifts done - not all posted on here of course! And I have 10 that I seem to be trying to make all at the same time! And I have 5 that I am really struggling with ideas of what to make.  Making everyone a gift is tough - I don't know how those elves do it every year?!?! 

So - until the next time I sit down for a couple minutes... do something creative!!! - J

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