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Sunday, December 31, 2017

And the old year froze to death in the depths of winter

Yes - let 2017 freeze to death.  The temperature here has been minus double digits Fahrenheit (Although, today's high should be three degrees Fahrenheit!! HEAT WAVE!!!) SO COLD!!!

So let the reflections begin! - Nah, just kidding! I am not going to lull you to sleep today by waxing any more poetic than I already have! Maybe another day for reflections and resolutions.

Let me update you on the things I have made for Christmas gifts...
Well - er... um...  I still didn't get pics of many things and I still have a few more to give so they will have to wait.
But here is the top I made for Auntie.

Christmas was magical this year!!! Starting with the Christmas miracle of my son decorating for Christmas!
Then the joy of having friends who are like family over for Christmas Eve
Picture of food since everyone was a tad camera shy
Yes, food on my studio table!
I didn't even use a tablecloth or put away my machines!
These people love me and my mess just the way I am!

AND I received such wonderful gifts this year!!!! I wish I had pics of each of them!!! However - I super special thank you:
To the Krugers for 17 canvases!!!!
To Jane for the fabulous teapot that has kept me very warm these last few frozen nights! 
To my Cousin for the Rum,
To Di and kids for the Moscow Mules (however my son has run off with the copper cups!),
To my boss for cool organizer boxes with my initial on it,
To My Auntie for FABULOUS alpaca socks which she made!!!
To my son's grandmother for a snowman candle holder.

I am truly blessed!!!

and my doggo who loves sock monkeys and opening gifts... really it's the cutest thing! Gives me such joy to give him gifts!!! Whenever he sees a gift bag, he wants to pull the paper out of it and then looks inside for a sock monkey and if he sees one he will pull it out and if he doesn't see one he looks at me all disappointed!
Of course, he received sock monkeys! and he could not have been happier with his new blanket!

I am also very sad that my sister in Berlin has not received her gift yet (tracking said it has been in Germany since December 18th). So, my German followers (which is probably just my sister) if you see this:
...on someone in Germany - Please ask them if they are related to me. If they say "no" - then, rip it from them and deliver it to my sister! teehee

I am off to celebrate the birth of a new year!!! I am holding optimism in my heart with prayers for peace, love, prosperity, and joy!  Let this new year bring all that your hearts may need and a little extra so you can bless others!

I'll see you all next year - until then, do something creative!

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