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Sunday, November 12, 2017

What a week!!!

Monday –
Office – grocery store – typed all night while washing my winter linens (yes, it’s time for warmer bedding: flannel sheets, fluffy comforters, and throw blankets) then to bed early – thanks, time change for screwing with my sleep

Tuesday –
Office – voting – and… wait – what is this??? A serger to play with?! Why yes it is!!! A fun night of sewing straight lines to see what it can do! Oh, the ideas are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Wait – hold on – had to get some typing done first. Ok – then serge away!!!)

Wednesday –
Office – and after work?? I want to play with the serger again – maybe actually make something. But my sewing machine is fixed so I should work on that skirt that has been sitting there for months next to my broken machine.   Ironing, pinning, sewing, repeat…. Bed

Thursday –
Office – came home made dinner and… my phone rang. Crying on the other end and we all know the feeling of being overwhelmed: “group project due and a few of the group members did not do their share – it will bring down my GPA, another class had given me 13 hours of drawing homework, a paper due, and, and, and… but I am in class right now and the teacher wants me to sculpt ‘fear’ and all I feel is fear of failing and it is paralyzing…” and not breathing as this long run-on sentence pours through my phone line. My favorite young artist is in the ladies room (snuck out of class) just to gain a little perspective.  I quickly broke it down to the task at hand and that the rest of it, we could take care of over the weekend. She is brilliant and creative – and has a tendency to bite off more than she can chew!

Friday –
Office (see how my days always start?!) then errands – then… time to make good on my promise to show my favorite student how easily she can manage all of her tasks.  (I think she missed my studio!)

First drawing – only cried twice and was stressed and tight and doing a terrible job (sorry kiddo – but true!) So we scribbled. Ah, she warmed right up – got that angst out of her system. Went back to the drawing assignment and into…

finished skirt
Saturday –
Awake and ready to go.  …my favorite art student was here bright and early and finished her drawing at 2 pm. FABULOUS! In the meantime – I drew, I did my weekend chores, I sewed and finished the skirt, and I enjoyed hanging with my girl!  After she left to work on that paper, I began pulling out the supplies for Christmas projects! Yay!

Sunday –
This week just keeps getting better!!! Seriously! Morning coffee and my girl is back! 25 sketches – 5 quick drawings – working on sketches and ideas for the sculpture (and cuddle time with my dog). While I worked on creating and cutting out patterns. 

Took a break, then she came back and we went to visit a friend of mine who works with clay – pottery and mosaic art. She is fabulous, inspirational, calming, fun and such a lovely person! She helped my art student prepare her clay for her sculpture on fear and they rolled out slabs.  I couldn’t thank her enough!

Nothing beats finishing the week submerged in creativity! 

I hope you all had as creative of a week as I did!!! 

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