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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Much to-do about changing seasons

Last week, I winterized my studio and rearranged and started another painting – I worked at the office – I typed at home – I relaxed a little – I cleaned up after my messy little dog (good thing he is so cute)
Plastic over 100 yr old windows

This weekend I FINALLY fixed my damn sewing machine – although it still protests with lightweight fabrics (so I researched a serger since that is technically what I should be using for lightweight fabrics). I also typed and worked and did some weekend chores and a little more winterizing (still more of that to be done). 

I am great at thinking about a million things at once (well, maybe not – but with my diagnoses of Asperger’s and ADD I guess there really isn’t anything I can do about it) so I think of a million things at once and CHRISTMAS is now on my mind!! Ya know, every year I work on costumes right up to Halloween (except this year as my machine was down) and then I realize it is November and I haven’t (again) started making Christmas gifts!!! So the mad dash must start!

“Homemade” Christmas
It all started years ago, when I was living on a much smaller budget and had a young child and would use the arts & craft supplies I had to make something small for people unless I found a gift for them at the store that cost less.  Over the years, people came to love my creative homemade gifts and even requested them.
So – I am thinking about Christmas and what am I going to make this year for each person on my list and what is my budget and how many orders can I accept during this time when my friends are suddenly also thinking about Christmas (could ya’ll think about it during the spring when my orders are lower? – lol).  And since my son left for college my studio has slowly expanded to take over the living room space and the living room furniture has slowing moved out of the house.  AND this weekend, it’s expanding again! Yep.  I always thought I would make my son’s room my sewing room when he left – but it seems I am just taking over the whole house (and he still has a room to come home to).  I am very unsure where I will put up a Christmas tree and my decorations since expanding the studio – but decor doesn’t matter as much as creating matters!

I am making my list
Checking it twice
It doesn’t matter
If naughty or nice.

And here is the twist
I’m checking it thrice
Does it really matter
                If I’m overnice?

What might be missed
If only checked twice
Measurements matter
                It must be precise!

So – making my bliss
Christmas is nice
Love and laughter
                And holiday spice!

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