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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

I really need to speed up my game here.

Having 4 days off from my day job – I thought I would have more things done. I was sadly mistaken.  

It didn’t help that I took on some extra work on my side shuffle and I made 2 thanksgiving meals (one on Thursday with just the sides as my cousin made the bird and stuffing) and the second with a turkey breast (not enough people for a whole bird) and all the trimmings.  AND of course way too much time socializing – however, I wouldn’t change that for the world. And all the time thinking about all that I am grateful for - and sharing with those I am grateful to have in my life - stop me before I get too sappy! 

I have also had to clean the house 3 times this week and run the dishwasher 3 times!!!! AND washing the bedding twice and… and… and… Why do holidays always mean more cleaning!?!?

So now it is Sunday - Time to check in with you all and I feel I have not done enough!

I finished an order I had from last spring – THE FABRIC FROM HELL!!! This folks is the fabric that made me have to take apart my old sewing machine a few times! (and took me all summer to repair!)  My serger was like: This fabric – it’s no trouble! BAM!

So then – a friend asked if I knew how to make Star Wars Scarves – I guess he doesn’t remember my geek scarves from 2015!!!  He offered to buy one – then laid out his ideas.  Sadly, I do not take direction well.
And I had to run to the fabric store this week – happened to be a door buster day – happen to be a sale on licensed fabric – and a sale on plaid flannel then this happened:
This is 3 views of the same scarf (with wookie fur!) ;-)
Which sparked the great debate on if Wookie fur looks to girlie - Maybe the scarf does because of the way I wrapped it around my dress form?  Maybe not, hence the middle view of this? I don't know.

And then these happened:
and yes - all of my scarves still have cell-phone pockets

Front - open
Oh and I also made this poncho thingy as a Christmas gift for my girl.  She likes the idea and wants one – but she also hesitates because she prefers clothing and sweaters that give her some shape.  So I added a black silky belt - can be worn with the front open (but still belted to give shape) or with the front closed. It will be perfect for the cold rooms in the art department!! Just toss on over whatever she is wearing (since it is usually black) and voila – Comfy, Warm, and Stylish!

Front - closed

Back view
See - not much. Only 6 things this week.  If I am to be done by Christmas, then I need to step up my game!!!! 

Oh – I also hit a very good black-Friday sale on pre-stretched/framed canvases – linen (18x24) for only $6 each! Woo-hoo!!! (I bought the entire stock that the store had!)  
So it might also be time to do some of this, too!

 - till next time, my friends.  Do something creative today and every day!

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