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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hello - I have missed you all...

Dear readers.
I am sorry.
I can spend time sitting at my computer writing out my random thoughts and creativity – or I can spend my time being busy. And busy seems to be my preference. 
Ya see, if opportunity comes to make money – I choose making money. (I do have a college kid to support) I have had the most wonderful opportunity to work with a few professionals – creating forms (ah, the creative process – although many people do not consider it creative) and drafting paperwork.  I have learned a lot – and it makes me extra money. I cannot complain.  Also have the usual 9-to-5 at the office for the steady paycheck.
I have not abandoned art.  I have been working on a ton of new paintings – exploring personal concepts – none of which am I willing to share.  It seems when ideas are completely personal – my work quality suffers. And reworking it to the acceptable quality doesn’t seem necessary once the abstraction has left my head. It’s for me. It serves its purpose.
As for my Afrayed line – well, it’s doing well (kinda).  Made quite a few orders – but didn’t take pics as they were to be gifts and I didn’t want to post them until after they were given… but then didn’t get pics after either. Doh!!! THEN – I had sewing machine issues. Damn machine. I have taken it apart and reassembled a couple times without luck at repairing the problem.  Might be time for a new machine?
And it seems any free time I have, is spent on food, healthy eating and health related things.  (I should exercise more, clean the house more, do normal life tasks more, and… – but I do what I can)
Anyway… It only takes a few minutes to update you. I will keep trying to. It’s hard for me to do it all when I seem to be quite the workaholic.  Even right now: I should be winterizing my house, and it’s Saturday – so I should do my nails, weekend chores, laundry, and, and, and…
The dog is begging to be held – books are begging to be read – tea is begging to be sipped (where did I put my tea, anyway?) – art is inside my head begging to be released – sewing is begging to be done (again – damn that machine) – emails begging to be answered – money begging to be made….
So much to do – to create… signing off for now. I will try to stop back and be more entertaining soon.

Thanks for listing – lv ya! - J

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