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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Love. People. Love.

I am amazed and saddened by how ignorant I can be.
I grew up surrounded by people. I raised my child to love people. PEOPLE. 
We never use the terms: Black, White, Foreigner, Hispanic, etc. The color of the skin, nationality, race, IQ, sexual orientation, the financial status, political affiliation or any other label was never used or considered. There is just no need. People are people. 
We are surrounded by many wonderful people of every race, with heritage from many nationalities with whom we have happily celebrated their cultures with them and they have celebrated mine with me. 
I was shocked and dismayed when there was hype and protest over President Obama – ‘our first “black” president’. He is a man. This is politics – we should call him a Democrat, not a black. I started to realize this nation was not as progressive as the small corner I live in. And why isn’t there hype and protest over our first “ORANGE” president?! Seriously – if we have to discuss colors?!?! 
As these labels start to fill the press, as the media and nation talk more and more about race being an issue along with heritage, IQ, sexual orientation, the financial status, political affiliation, I wonder when we time warped to the late 1930’s! 
Americans feel unsafe. It’s not safe to be female, it’s not safe to be male, it’s not safe to be white, it’s not safe to be black, and it’s not safe to look like a foreigner (whatever that might look like). Heck, it isn’t even safe to trust or even be the police – who are here to serve and PROTECT us. And we wonder why our children are abandoning labels and identifying without gender and crying out for a safe place. Let me explain it to you – they aren’t little fragile snowflakes, they are burning out with adrenal fatigue. We gave them a world where school shootings were common, a bag that had been forgotten in the hall or on the street by a busy person may very well be a bomb, and gave them a key to get back inside our home after school but out of fear of being sued told them they couldn’t have friends over while we weren’t there. Essentially they are a generation isolated and raised in fear. My parents had nuclear disaster drills, raise in fear on one thing, but they were not isolated with a computer (so that too much information could stream in without the maturity to filter it themselves) and raised in fear of everything. The scale of the fear we have given our children is much greater than fearing a bomb – these kids had to fear their classmates – while learning social skills and learning to make friends. Our adult fears and concerns have also influenced their perceptions of being safe. And currently, we are thinking about reintroducing nuclear bomb drills. When is enough madness, enough? 
Quite frankly – I too am a bit afraid. I cannot remember a time in my life I felt safe. I learned to be tough and wise so ‘safe’ wasn’t an issue. But, this isn’t the world I worked to create for my child. People are people, please see that – know that. Where is the love?! We have an issue of the human condition! Can we stop using labels and try to start fixing it? Can we love? Does anyone even know or remember what love is? If people felt safe, felt heard, felt loved – this would not have happened. 
Love. People. Love.

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