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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Autism Awareness

Let's talk about #sesamestreet 's "first" autistic character, since it is #worldautismawarenessday

And let's have some fun with it! ;-)

The first is NOT Julia! 
It is Animal! (Disconnected, emotional outbursts, delayed language/non-verbal, repetitive behavior, put everything in his mouth, etc.)
The second is NOT Julia! It is Fozzie, with Asperger's Syndrome (underdeveloped social skills, problems expressing non-verbally, not emotio
nally accessible [has to be told when it's a sensitive situation], fixation on ritual, routine, and/or objects like his hat, unable to process outside of himself [appears self absorbed or to lack empathy], communicates differently [blurting out without thinking first], extraordinary cognitive/creative abilities, reliance on social patterns to define acceptable parameters, etc.)
Julia isn't even the 3rd Autistic muppet. Gonzo, Beeker, and so many more so signs of being on the neuroatypical spectrum.
But let's face it - when I was young autistic kids were just weird, isolated, and ignored... now they are celebrated and "new". I am glad strides have been made to understand, but I think the new understanding should not be at the emotional expense of our old favorite autistic muppets - just because they don't express emotions the same way, doesn't mean their little hearts aren't breaking. 

Stop ignoring my childhood heros! A-waka-waka-waka! Back then, if you were on the spectrum, but could almost fit in - you didn't tell people. And you still don't for fear of being overlooked for a job or promotion. 

I have Asperger's. I would know. 

Give it a 💙 if you know and love someone who is neuroatypical!

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