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Friday, January 20, 2017

Shame on us

Today is a historic day. Lots of things happening - lots to discuss - lots of different points of view. Besides being discussed among ourselves, the children are watching and learning. 

Today has been documented for the history books. Our great-grandchildren will read and try to understand. Today the world watched - and they are talking too. Today our enemies watched - and like our children they have learned (& learned our greatest weakness from it).

Today was important. 

Today doesn't really matter if you like or voted for our new president - today was supposed to be about America. We've all heard the saying: united we stand and divided we fall. Sadly America is not united. Sadly a large group is throwing an embarrassing toddler styled temper tantrum. 

Today our future looks grim - not because of a man who holds the title "President" - but because as a nation we are an embarrassment to ourselves and self destructive. 


It was not the new president that did this. Today it was us.

One of the many news stories (for reference):

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