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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Portfolio Prep Class

Assignment: Self Portrait
Half done in classical glazing technique and the other half done in expressionistic technique
student's first self portrait - acrylic on canvas

(Sorry for the terrible pic - just snapped it with my phone before she left)

Student feels it is unfinished.

I spent some time looking at it after class last night. I go back and forth thinking: "No, it is finished" and "Yes, lets do more"

I have a few thoughts:
She said she would like to lighten the color of the "hair" on the right side of the painting. Although it is dark it is [a bit] balanced by the light in the negative space on the opposite side - maybe activate the negative space in the left side more? Maybe not. I am kinda ok with it. Any thoughts??

I'd like her to work a bit more on that eye. Catch some reflective lights and add little more detail in the lashes - spend more time really looking at her eye in the mirror and painting what she sees. Tightening up that eye will really balance that peace lily well. (Although it is already very good)

But let's keep in mind that this 16 year old student has only had a basic high school art class and this is all very new to her - HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS SHE?!?!?! She is eager to learn - absorbs everything - never says: "I know" or "I am" in a sassy way - she just says ok and keeps trying to do like I say or like I show her. Such a sponge - such a rock star!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Stay tuned

Please stay tuned...

My featured student is working on a piece that is taking a lot of time and work (and so far, seems worth the wait). So please stayed tuned.

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