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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Color = Magic

Talking a lot about color theory and color in general.

It is magical seeing people's eyes open to color and why we combine certain colors and how we combine them 

and that certain combinations will make a more dynamic images and other combinations make a less dynamic images

Oh, how amazing color is!!
and how everything becomes like an impressionist's painting 

like the impressionist changed the world of art - learning about color changes how you see everything

Watching someone else learn about color, makes everything vibrant again - like the first time I started seeing things in color - from the eyes of a painter

I wish everyone could experience that magic at least once in their life

So proud when a student sees a painting and comes back to me and says how much more depth could have been created if the artist used a compliment

and just as proud when a student's parent is also paying attention and now knows the color's names and points them out in life - and learns that some colors "compliment each other" and others "have continuity with each other"

It is so inspiring when people see in color

* Note: I am not saying people do not see in color - nor do I intend to insult anyone who has not taken a color theory class or studied color theory.  I am merely sharing that we've had a colorful and inspirational time lately exploring color in a way which was new to my student and her mother - and that was magical.

** image is not a Jessica J. Murray original - it is clip art 

On a side note #Rant: a lady was shopping for paints and couldn't find a few she was looking for - a sales rep in that arts supply store suggests a name brand of paint which is very cheep and works terribly and suggests a mixed 'hue' instead of a pure pigment - he said to her that since the person using it was just a student they wouldn't notice any difference
So - how does a student learn the difference if they don't use the pure pigment?  Is it ok for someone in a voice class to sing a note slightly flat because only a small amount of people in the world have been trained to hear perfect pitch? Is it ok for a photographer to take a picture that is slightly blurry, because many people wear glasses and can't see perfectly?
It angers me that he thinks so little of students' education - that a substandard product wouldn't matter because they haven't been taught yet (but use the substandard product to teach them?) UGH!!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Update to the Classes Tab (above)

The classes will not just encourage you to put paint on a canvas or draw... but to live a more creative life...

Unless you are one of those people who just want to be miserable... 
OK, that last list is what NOT to do!!!  So let's all get excited and get creative!!! 

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