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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pin-Up Girls!

Here is the first couple photos from the "Pin-Up Girl" shoot!!!
... Edited to look like paintings (Yes, I know they look over edited... they are supposed to.... How many times must I remind my photog friends that I am NOT a photographer!! I AM AN ARTIST and we can over edit if we want to! Ha!)

HUGE Thank yous and lots of love to the lady behind the camera, Katy!! - Thank you for clicking the shot, thank you for playing with me on this adventure, and thank you for giving me the digital files to over edit create art with! And where did you get that lipstick?! Wow, I was still wearing it this morning! Now, that is lasting! :)

And a super special thank you to (the famous) Auntie for providing a wonderful photography studio and props!!!

And finally - THANK YOU B!!!! Again, you rock! That photo-editing thingy (hope I am not being to techie with my verbiage) was amazing!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! I think this blog may join the many others by dedicating an entire post to its praises!

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