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Saturday, February 16, 2013

More pin-up girl

The pin-up girl photo session was fun. Here are a couple more of the photos. The photo editing was a blast! Really enjoying this new editing program! Some most of the editing went away from making the photos look painted and old and like a pin-up girl...  (to see the others go to my LAST BLOG POST)

Had to crop this one down - too much 'pin-up' for my pg13 blog...

 Just having fun with the same picture and the editing software...

Oh yea, we were doing"Pin-Up Girl" theme - almost forgot...
(and a little bit of tattoo removal!)

You might remember this process... from photo to block printing...
this time on some old cement. But sadly, the ink won't hold and I can't add paint - so this one gets photographed then tossed in the trash.
The good news... I made a block print! So re-inking and laying it our on paper or canvas, 
let's do this again! Yay!!
I am looking forward to this as a painting. 

Please note: photos were taken by Katy - photo editing was partially done by Katy 
and partially done by me - this was a combined project (see I do work well with others, lol).
To see more of Katy's solo works, she can be found on Facebook: The Vintage Owl Photography
Please "Like" her on Facebook.

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