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Monday, January 28, 2013

Dating, wine, biceps, and a wonderful weekend

Since I have been single for about a year - I have had a crash course in modern dating. It is different from what it was just a few years back - and more obvious: I AM DIFFERENT.

I know this is a blog about art and inspiration (and more specifically my artistic journey) but today's post is about dating. Which I, of course, approach in an extremely creative way.  And since my love life does affect my creativity and inspiration, I suppose it is worth sharing. 

I know I am not the most attractive girl in the universe, and maybe I shouldn’t question why but men do hit on me. It is difficult to be open-minded and give them all a chance (hate to blow off the one who might rock my world).  Mostly difficult because there is not enough days in the week or time in the day to date!  And when multiple guys ask you out the same day (no more of this online dating site stuff! its insane!), then you have to see a different one each day of the week and keep them all straight in your head and keep the conversation and momentum going – judging who might need more reassurance and who you can skip a day with.  All while new guys meet you and/or ask you out and you keep adding to the mix and letting select ones fall off the map (I will admit for over a month I have dropped the ball on most of them – Just was too much to keep up with!)  Some guys just don’t call or txt back at some point and I don’t chase them, too busy - I really don’t have the time. Some guys just don’t get a call back from me – they fall too far down in my messages and I forget to scroll down and see what else might be left un-responded to. Although a couple guys have stood out in my mind and I have called and txt’d as well as waiting for them.  

Anyway – it is an interesting problem. Too many men and not enough of me!
So I went on a date this weekend – with this guy, it would be date number… hum, I have lost count. We spent the day together doing rather low key things, because I am still coughing my fool head off.  But while we were at lunch at a restaurant – one waiter kept looking at me, smiling and nodding – really dude? Are your balls made of brass? Trying to flirt with me while I am on a date? (Don't get me wrong - I love the attention, and love being looked at - But don't try to flirt when I am with another man!) So I took my date by the hands and refused to look away from him for the remainder of the meal, hope’n the waiter would get the hint. Just before we left I excused myself to use the restroom and the waiter came over to me and introduced himself. Sigh… ok dude listen – First of all I have to pee! I am not interested, I am on a date, I am not feeling well (can’t you see I look like crap!) and quite frankly I have no more room in my life for hot dudes who think they have brass balls: My quota of ZERO is currently full!!! (and my patience with this stereotype has worn thin – yes you are hot, yes you have nice things, yes you’re a naughty lil bad boy who should be spanked – but I am not the one to do it! I have grown bored with it all.) Besides the man I was with has a quiet resolve - no ego loaded, fool-hearty, self proclaimed stud could even compete.

So back to my date...  Later we went to a wine store where he told me to let him know if I saw anything I wanted – immediately I pointed out that I saw him and wanted him (corny, yes – but truthful; I am crushing on this guy a lil bit).  So he took me by the hand and led me around. At some point he let go of my hand. I am not sure why, I am not sure when – but dude, don’t let go of me when in public!! My date walked away from the rack we were looking at before me. 

I turned to catch up (he was just a few steps ahead of me) my path was suddenly blocked. A stock boy stepped right in front of me while watching me and stood in my way with his bulging bicep right at eye level while he held the case of wine. (yes, it was a beautiful bicep) He said “I blocked you, didn’t I?” and smirked. I said ‘yes, I need to catch up to my date’. He said “Date? I am sorry. But you know where I work if you ever want to find me.” And he put down the box and pointed at his name tag.  I have no idea what his name was, maybe it was ‘Bicep’? I don't even know what he looks like - I can't even remember if I even looked at him or not.

I found my date, lost in thought, in the German Rieslings a few feet down the row anxious to share his knowledge of those wines, whenever I stopped fooling around looking for a shiraz, which he actually had to find for me. 
We agreed on a ginger/white grape wine to go with dinner (which he was planning to make for me) and had a wonderful afternoon and evening.  By the way, my date has a broad chest, beautiful eyes, and his arms are strong (and magical when he wraps them around me). Mr. Bicep is no match for the man I was with. 

Moral of the story: if a dude is into me – he needs to realize he is competing with other guys… don’t let them distract me... and don't let go of me so I get hit on! (giggles)  

It is an old Buddhist proverb, which I can’t find right now but will paraphrase: 
If there is something you find that you want, 
someone else will have the same tastes and want it too. 

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  1. You have some of the most interesting experiences.
    You’re beautiful (inside and out), confident and you actually are magical. Enjoy the attention and I hope this wonderful guy you are on the date with appreciates your beauty and magic as well – and doesn’t get jealous easily!


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