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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Joy of painting

Channeling my inner Bob Ross...

But it is wonderful to see people surprise themselves as they paint for the first time (or one of the first major attempts at learning to paint).  The happiness, self gratification, self exploration, and looks of amazement are inspirational to say the least.

Last night we worked on the same still life as the last time. A happy little still life, with happy little leaves and things... what a wonderful time!

I am still doing my own self exploration in my work. Working on a series of rather strange self portraits. I figured using myself as the subject would be a great place to start with. I am using the images I am previously discussed in this blog and exploring what it is that I actually am trying to say.
I will post picture soon, I am sure. Right now, it is back to my easel for me, while I am still inspired by my students!

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