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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Painting Class

Wednesday night at 6-8pm!!! Water-Scape Painting class!!! At Micheal's Store in Amsterdam, NY!!! Two day class continued on Wednesday August 22 at 6-8pm. Due to printing error at the store, this class has been poorly promoted. Please tell your friends and sign up at the store register (they will give you a supply list for the class)!!!  Contact me if you need more details or less expensive options for supplies!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Arts Festival

Summer Arts Festival put on by the Friends of the Visual and Performing Arts (FOVAPA)
The Community Art Project from Last Year
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As you know, I lead the small sculpture workshop:
 The rain made the crowd smaller than hoped...
And not everyone wanted their photo taken or their sculpture photographed...
and not everyone stuck to the rules of "Human or Animal Form"...
 I had three ladies there at the start of the class and two helpers.
As the rain let up, this lil darling joined us:
 Then we had another person join us...
  who clearly expressed through his art that he'd rather be someplace else:

(How did I NOT get a photo of the Statue of Liberty made by one of the attendees?! 
It was awesome!)

After my workshop, I explored the festival to see what else what happening. 

This Year's Community Art Project (I added a cap or two)...
 Fun music!

Food, other workshops, silent auction, art on display, weaving, children activities, more performances, a random horse hanging out between the buildings, balloons, signs, more food, water (thank God for the water - it was SO HOT AND HUMID!)...

So much going on that I didn't photograph and I just hung out and enjoyed. 

The best part was seeing so many of my creative friends and acquaintances, in a creative environment, being creative.  Interaction with people is always the best part!!
And meeting so many new people, who I look forward to "hanging out" with again!

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