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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Magic Happening

There is magic happening here... painting, drawing, getting crazy up in my studio!!!

Have a little help from a Magic Hat sampler case - Blind Faith -  Elder Betty! - and Pistil.
Elder Betty is my favorite so far!!!

Can't post the work I have done, since it is for my solo show - but after three weeks I am DONE with this one.  I am not completely satisfied with it. But I am my worse critic. It is better than it was yesterday, which is better then it was the day before... and at this moment I feel like I am at the edge of overworking it. There is no UNDO button (God knows that if there was, I would have used it with a certain matter of the heart!) so I must be careful to stop before it IS overworked.

So I am calling it done and will revisit it in a month or so...
Now onto the next masterpiece.

ugh... I need a clean surface to prep the paper on... So I guess I clean, just to slowly pull it all back out again by the end of the next one.


  1. I was going to call you to visit but now I am glad that I did not...I have a little something for you from the Island...glad you are painting.

  2. No time to vist... much to do... besides I can't drive any where, I hid my car keys on myself! I am a few bottles to the wind!


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