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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let's look at things differently...

I stand on my head...
Maybe it is the blood rushing to my head? Maybe it is my usual environment turned upside down?

In my painting class I have been turning the paintings of my student's upside down occasionally, to give them a fresh look at it - a trick I learned in art school...

I also say "walk away"... meaning get away from your work, look at something else and then look back at your work from a distance, to get a fresh perspective...

There is always a point when you need to see (insert almost anything) from a different point of view, a different perspective, and re-evaluate things. 

Sometimes in life when the fresh perspective is needed and we fail to seek it, life forces it on you!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In art school, some students and teachers have noticed a little thing referred to as "The 3rd Year _itch" (yes I omitted a B in hopes to keep this blog a bit on the pg side).

By that 3rd year of school, students have learned the foundation, all the "rules", the ways they can be broken and the the oximoronically occurrence that happens when you do break them: you aren't actually breaking them and are still bound by the "rules".

At this point the students have been inside the proverbial "box", outside the box looking in, outside the box looking the other way, deconstructed the box and made it into a sculpture, reconstructed the box and made it into an ashtray, and created a deconstructive structural analysis that prove that the actual existence of said box, causes the said box to NOT exist because of the mere fact that it does exist without existence, concluding that the sky is never actually blue but it is a small paint drop of every color.

All of this foundation knowledge pushes some art students to the point of almost giving up. (If a student in this situation does not take a look from a new vantage point, they will give up and everyone is going to let them. The faculty all know, that at that point in your artistic journey, if you don't know to take a fresh look a do some searching of your own, then you don't have what it takes.)

"What is the point? - I am in bondage to rules that don't exist, everyone is pretentious and superficial, it seems like everything has been done before, what is the point?!!!"
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sometime during the late 1800 early 1900, the entire known world of art needed a fresh perspective. Suffered from the 3rd year bit_h (changed it up for you)

A very frustrated Marcel Duchamp, was part of a growing group of artist, who were suffering from this strong need to see things differently.  He was part of the first group of artist that discovered that because the proverbial box exists, it therefore does not. (or more accurately: because art exists, it does not; and because it does not, it therefore does!)  He personally felt the art world had become a pretentious joke and he was going to exploit it.

He took an old urinal, painted the name "R. Mutt" on it, treated it and displayed it as a valuable marble sculpture from the Roman era. He wanted to prove the art world was ignorant and they would accept it as art. He thought that when he exposed the truth, that he just signed a piece of trash, that the art world would wake-up and be embarrassed.

But it forced a new perspective on the art world, it caused everyone to question all that they thought they knew, and that maybe there was more out there.  Even today, I know people who look at it and say: That is Art?! Marcel Duchamp made many works that each made the viewer question all that they thought they knew about art, causing a revelation through new perspectives forced upon the viewers.

That is a very abbreviated, slightly altered (completely inaccurate yet, accurate in every way) rendition of the story, which is not just a story, but maybe it happened.

Either way, it is Marcel Duchamp (or maybe R. Mutt's) birthday (July 28, 1887)! Happy birthday!! and thank you for a new perspective and the valuable lesson: that every now and then we need to look at things differently.

Maybe a piss-pot is art by the mere fact that it isn't art
...or maybe it isn't art by the mere fact that it is art. 

And thank you all the artists who paid attention and began to explore other avenues giving birth to many other movements in the art world.
And thank you to all the industrial designers that paid attention so that today's piss-pots are much more esthetically pleasing. 

Here is a fun link to other designs of the urinal
You decide if they are art!

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