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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not quite done yet...

I was working up an example for the painting class for tomorrow... But I am not quite done!  
If I cannot finish a painting in 2 hours, then how the heck does the company I am working for think that beginners and others can finish a painting in two hours?!?!

It doesn't help that I am NOT in the mood to paint flowers. I guess you can sorta tell by what I have so far. Not exactly happy sunshiny flowers! Oh well. But, it is not about the finished work, it is about learning something new, having an experience, and enjoying the process!

As I always say (and you can quote me):
"Art work isn't made for museums, 
it is made because the artist has learned the magic of the process!"

(which might be why I am not enjoying this and the outcome is less than my normal - I am focused on getting a finished product done to show the class.  I am not focused on the process.)

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  1. Well....whatever you think about the piece, I love it. It's got a funky look, great angle, and I enjoy the color palette.

    But as we've talked about before, each one of us has certain expectations for our own work. Just don't minimize any positive appreciation from others. (said to myself as well as to you--smile)


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