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Monday, June 4, 2012

Eye Spy - with my Camera's Eye

 After discussing the cons of having a fine art degree with a pharmaceutical historian, who also has a fine arts degree and speaks french.... I spent some time peeping at a Tom...
 A handsome Tom, who posed nicely for me!
 Porky was all to willing to pose as well, first hiding behind that weed by his head.
When I asked him to move so I could see his cute lil face, he moved just enough that his eye was no longer behind it.
 Porky asked me to run over to the weaver to see if his blanket was finished. The day was cool and drizzly, a blanket would be perfect!
I became distracted by these magical doors... 
Oh what could be inside?
Sparkly spinning lights, sweet music, and hand crafted sculptures???
 I jumped on a traditional horse... Up and down, round and round...
I was surprised at how fast it actually went around!
 A ram pulling a shell shaped carriage...
A rooster that does not crow at dawn...
 A majestic swan, whose glimmering eye spied me...
 It all made me so thirsty! 
But maybe not that brave.
 Over to the tavern - that closed before I got there!
There is no night life in this town!!!
 But we had fun anyway...
So much fun I could write a book about it!!!
Does this town have a printer?

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  1. Awww, such a fun post. All the images are wonderful, but I really LOVE the second to last--looking through the window at the pillar.

    Did you have this post in mind when you were shooting those images?


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