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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Picture of Dishonesty

Below is an interesting article. Copyright and the safety of an artist/photographer's images online is always a topic on the mind of any creative person. Just thought I'd share the article below and remind my reader: Please do not steal my work! Thanks.

Like this is a picture I took at a wedding. As a wedding photographer piracy of images is a hot topic! The wedding couple was a sweet couple, well one of them was normally really sweet, but playing the roll of bridezilla that day (or maybe she was always a @!#%)!

Er, um... ok my sister took the photo - she was the wedding photographer! So, here is the article...

"...Photo copyright infringement is a sticky wicket.

Many people are under the false impression that, when it comes to photographs, if it's on the internet it's free. That is not true. You cannot grab a photo from Flickr and use it in an ad or a brochure. The whole issue of photo copyright is far too complex to try to clarify here, but you do need to understand that any photograph you find online was created by, and is owned by, someone. Sometimes it is acceptable to re-post it with proper credit and a link back to the source, but usually you shouldn't re-post it at all. (Pinterest has opened up this whole re-posting thing for further analysis.) You can almost never use a photo in any sort of advertisement or for any other business purpose without paying for it... read more"

*please note: I have the photographer's permission IN WRITING to 
post, use and alter the above picture.
**also note: I have the bridezilla's permission to call her any name I want!


  1. “Sometimes it is acceptable to re-post it with proper credit and a link back to the source, but usually you shouldn't re-post it at all.”

    This statement is incorrect. It is NOT acceptable to use someone’s intellectual property without his or her expressed permission. It does not matter if you credit the photo or not it is still an illegal practice that violates Copyright law. Would you steal a movie or DVD and think it is OK as long as you kept the title that credits the producer and writer? Of course not, it is considered pirating. The same Copyright law covers photographs.

    Please do not leave people with the impression that this practice is in any way, shape or form, legal.

    1. Not meant to be a lesson in copyrights ... however, you have a good point. It will be interesting to see what comes from the pinterest fad, where everyone is sharing anything they like on the web. It is a copyright nightmare!!!


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