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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - Time to Garden!

At my Grandma's house, as a child, I remember I would raid the candy dish, then the cookie jar, then run out into the back yard and play by the rose bushes (or down in Grandpa's garden).
Photo of rose from Grandma Murray's garden. (yes, I grow roses as well.)

I also remember as a child, that as we drove up to my Nana's house we were always 
greeted by forsythias.
Photo of forsythia's from my back yard.

At my mom's house, she grew so many herbs, flowers and plants, that I don't have a memory of one that I associate with her more than others. But as my garden begins to grow and bud I see her influence everywhere...
 Do I really remember my mom frying the unopened buds of the daylily?
(photo from my garden)

 I have no idea what this is?! 
I found it at a garden store and bought it just because my mom had one in her herb garden!
(photo from my garden)
***UPDATE: Via txt'd msg my mother has informed me that
 this is Yarrow, a/k/a Achillea millefolium.

I remember the first time I was introduced to Stachys byzantina! My mom told me to feel the fuzzy plant that looks and feels like a lambs ear!
(photo from my garden)

My sister and mother always grew Monarda in their gardens. I am not sure why I haven't. Maybe it is because my garden is mostly shaded? It is one of my mother's favorite flowers to grow. 
However she loves the flowers from the dogwood tree!  But who doesn't!!! Again, this is not found in my garden. 

Last mother's day, someone dear to me gave me a peony bush!  I have been checking on it and it did survive it's first winter! I need to give it some TLC!!! Actually my garden and yard is currently an overgrown mess!!! I should get off this computer and go play in it!!! 

Happy Mothers Day - and Happy Gardening!

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  1. Your garden is lovely - wish I had one - sometimes....

    1. feel free to come over and weed, mow, rake, trim, and play in my dirt any time!!! Gardens are like children: it takes a village!!! :)
      Open invite to all!!! One can never have enough help in the yard! tee hee

    2. LOL...that is the whole reason I don't have one!!

  2. I always remember Grandma's Peonies! I always wanted to get some from Grandpa and plant on the side of my house when I lived in NY.

    I do remember Nana's forsythia too!!

    And I always planted yarrow as well as Monarda! I love the smell and they both quickly spread... and attract butterflies!

    I have north facing windows here in my apt- covered with trees in the yard... I have been looking for a nice shady plant hanging basket I can put in the window(s)... I miss green things!

    I love your garden! Can't wait to see it... hopefully this summer!



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