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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

As some of you know, I have become an avid cyclist!!!
Although making time for this new hobby is difficult with everything else I do.  I try to ride everyday (although at first doing just every other day was difficult)! Some days I literally ride for just minutes, because I don't have time for more - at least it is minutes more than I used to.
I bought the (less than) $100 bike for health and fitness, although during last month's brooding and bleeding-out, it was my favorite therapy!  Sorrow seeped from my pores with the sweat!

I enjoy bringing the cat and dog with me sometimes. Oddly the cat is more interested than the dog. 

Today's ride was almost exhilarating!  I just had to share!
I started at the local point of the Erie Canalway Trail, headed west, and made it almost to Rochester, NY before my A.D.D. kicked in and I was bored with that...
So I thought I'd visit my sister and I hopped over to Ely, MN and onto the Mesabi Trail! I wasn't there long, since I couldn't reach my sister by phone to have her join me.
So I hopped over to Glenbrook, Nev. and onto the Flume Trail. YOU NEED TO CLICK THIS LINK! One look at it and I wimped out!
Some days you just can't find a good place to ride! Although it is nice to have the luxury to travel and try multiple places in one day!

I have rode through the Grim Fairy Tales. I have rode to the NCIS office in Washington DC. I even took a ride around Long Island while chatting with the dude from Bike Snob, NYC!  (Well, the conversation was very one sided; he did the 'talking'.)

Although I sometimes miss the wind in my hair and sun on my back...

But then I could place the bike out there!
 (but then I would spend my ride thinking about the fact that the neighbor's house a cross the street is the ugliest house on the street and they need to do something with it!!)

Where to go tomorrow??? Should I go by (terrible programing on) television? By kindle fire and a good book? Kindle fire and google? or by phone? Who knows - as long as I go!

Yes, I know... I am impossible....  I can't even do something as simple as exercising without turning it into some sort of performance art!


  1. LOL You go girl! I am very proud of your fitness efforts! It is true that sweat can totally help heal what ails your head and heart as well as body!

    You need to get a REAL bike sometime... you will LOVE the real freedom of flying down the road! I did 21 miles on Sunday! WHOOO YA!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip, albeit, virtual. Great that you're getting motivated--wish I could too.


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