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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eye Spy Adventure

 If you are going to a memorial day parade:

Stand when the flags pass you!

Clap for the military personnel and vets!

Take off your damn hat in respect!

Teach your children to as well!

And take lots of photos!
If you are in the parade:
Don't make faces at the people watching!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
 Cheers! To the budding of a Beautiful Summer!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Want to learn to paint?

I am teaching a painting class at Michael's Arts and Crafts Store in Amsterdam on June 6th from 6pm to 8pm!!!
  On May 20th at 2 pm I will be doing a painting demo and speaking with potential students.  If you have questions, come see me!!!
 Sign-ups for the class have begun and will continue until June 6th at 6:01pm! Sign-up at any register - or ask a sales associate for help.  You will need to purchase a painting class kit (full of Grumbacher* supplies) and a couple other paint colors before the class starts. This kit should last you for a few or more classes.
On June 6th we will be painting floral images and learning about mixing colors and a little color theory!
*Grumbacher paints!!! Only the best for my students!! Painting is much more rewarding when using good materials.  I should know!

(Click on images to make them larger) 

Classes are 2 hours long and teens and adults will be accepted. 

Clip art is not a Jessica Murray original

Eye Spy Adventure!!!!

So I wander downtown... this "Spring Fling"...
...the name... it sounds like I should be wearing...
 ...but I wasn't... I was wearing...
...yes that is me in the reflection... 
...taking my own picture...
...well, who else was going to?
 ...and there was a "Bike Show"... we know, I recently fell back in love with bikes...
...and riding...
...but all I saw were motorcycles...
...I didn't see any other types of bikes.... 
...but I went looking anyway... other types of bikes... 
...but the cars were nice...
... or maybe they were scary monsters with teeth!!! 
I ran for my life!!!
...I hid inside for a while... the top of these...
...because cars cannot drive up stairs unless it was a movie...
...and this is no movie...
...finally it looked safe to go back out...
...into this... wrap up the day with a native american themed...
 ...drum circle...
...I may have left out:
the iced coffee side-tract,
the lemonade that took a week to make,
the 100 plus vendors,
the multiple bands, singers, dancers, and other performers,
the social club with italian/cuban decor,
 and cocktails that were right on the money,
the professional wrestlers,
and their hall of fame,
my cousin with a boa around his neck - as in a snake, not the feathery kind,
the lettuce wraps mini-adventure,
a visit from my dead pet turtle,
a sun burn,
and so much more!!! 
One of the local TV station's reporters had
 a much less exciting time (Click Here).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

As some of you know, I have become an avid cyclist!!!
Although making time for this new hobby is difficult with everything else I do.  I try to ride everyday (although at first doing just every other day was difficult)! Some days I literally ride for just minutes, because I don't have time for more - at least it is minutes more than I used to.
I bought the (less than) $100 bike for health and fitness, although during last month's brooding and bleeding-out, it was my favorite therapy!  Sorrow seeped from my pores with the sweat!

I enjoy bringing the cat and dog with me sometimes. Oddly the cat is more interested than the dog. 

Today's ride was almost exhilarating!  I just had to share!
I started at the local point of the Erie Canalway Trail, headed west, and made it almost to Rochester, NY before my A.D.D. kicked in and I was bored with that...
So I thought I'd visit my sister and I hopped over to Ely, MN and onto the Mesabi Trail! I wasn't there long, since I couldn't reach my sister by phone to have her join me.
So I hopped over to Glenbrook, Nev. and onto the Flume Trail. YOU NEED TO CLICK THIS LINK! One look at it and I wimped out!
Some days you just can't find a good place to ride! Although it is nice to have the luxury to travel and try multiple places in one day!

I have rode through the Grim Fairy Tales. I have rode to the NCIS office in Washington DC. I even took a ride around Long Island while chatting with the dude from Bike Snob, NYC!  (Well, the conversation was very one sided; he did the 'talking'.)

Although I sometimes miss the wind in my hair and sun on my back...

But then I could place the bike out there!
 (but then I would spend my ride thinking about the fact that the neighbor's house a cross the street is the ugliest house on the street and they need to do something with it!!)

Where to go tomorrow??? Should I go by (terrible programing on) television? By kindle fire and a good book? Kindle fire and google? or by phone? Who knows - as long as I go!

Yes, I know... I am impossible....  I can't even do something as simple as exercising without turning it into some sort of performance art!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - Time to Garden!

At my Grandma's house, as a child, I remember I would raid the candy dish, then the cookie jar, then run out into the back yard and play by the rose bushes (or down in Grandpa's garden).
Photo of rose from Grandma Murray's garden. (yes, I grow roses as well.)

I also remember as a child, that as we drove up to my Nana's house we were always 
greeted by forsythias.
Photo of forsythia's from my back yard.

At my mom's house, she grew so many herbs, flowers and plants, that I don't have a memory of one that I associate with her more than others. But as my garden begins to grow and bud I see her influence everywhere...
 Do I really remember my mom frying the unopened buds of the daylily?
(photo from my garden)

 I have no idea what this is?! 
I found it at a garden store and bought it just because my mom had one in her herb garden!
(photo from my garden)
***UPDATE: Via txt'd msg my mother has informed me that
 this is Yarrow, a/k/a Achillea millefolium.

I remember the first time I was introduced to Stachys byzantina! My mom told me to feel the fuzzy plant that looks and feels like a lambs ear!
(photo from my garden)

My sister and mother always grew Monarda in their gardens. I am not sure why I haven't. Maybe it is because my garden is mostly shaded? It is one of my mother's favorite flowers to grow. 
However she loves the flowers from the dogwood tree!  But who doesn't!!! Again, this is not found in my garden. 

Last mother's day, someone dear to me gave me a peony bush!  I have been checking on it and it did survive it's first winter! I need to give it some TLC!!! Actually my garden and yard is currently an overgrown mess!!! I should get off this computer and go play in it!!! 

Happy Mothers Day - and Happy Gardening!

(To see Last Year's Mother's Day Post, click here)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Picture of Dishonesty

Below is an interesting article. Copyright and the safety of an artist/photographer's images online is always a topic on the mind of any creative person. Just thought I'd share the article below and remind my reader: Please do not steal my work! Thanks.

Like this is a picture I took at a wedding. As a wedding photographer piracy of images is a hot topic! The wedding couple was a sweet couple, well one of them was normally really sweet, but playing the roll of bridezilla that day (or maybe she was always a @!#%)!

Er, um... ok my sister took the photo - she was the wedding photographer! So, here is the article...

"...Photo copyright infringement is a sticky wicket.

Many people are under the false impression that, when it comes to photographs, if it's on the internet it's free. That is not true. You cannot grab a photo from Flickr and use it in an ad or a brochure. The whole issue of photo copyright is far too complex to try to clarify here, but you do need to understand that any photograph you find online was created by, and is owned by, someone. Sometimes it is acceptable to re-post it with proper credit and a link back to the source, but usually you shouldn't re-post it at all. (Pinterest has opened up this whole re-posting thing for further analysis.) You can almost never use a photo in any sort of advertisement or for any other business purpose without paying for it... read more"

*please note: I have the photographer's permission IN WRITING to 
post, use and alter the above picture.
**also note: I have the bridezilla's permission to call her any name I want!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Looking forward to Some Beach Time!

Lets go to the beach!
(Prints of this work and others are on sale at Fine Art America!)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eye Spy.....

Today's adventure took me to a car recycling shop. The car goes in the garage, the door closes, the car gets stripped of all reusable parts then anything remaining gets crushed.

Here is my car.
Getting the rest of my personal belonging out of it!
 Good bye, 01 Dodge Neon.

Hello 07 Ford Fusion!

Getting ready to close the door on the old, 
and drive off in the new!

This adventure was much less about the photography
 and more about fixing my vehicle situation!

Dear creeps that used to break into my car in my driveway - 
Good luck next time!
My new car has a lil "beep" button. 
Click once to lock the doors - twice to set the "beep"!
Now you're sure to poo your pants when you try to get in and the car starts making noise!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Study of a Seed

9x12 inches
Colored pencil, pastel and ink
Study of a seed in macro, on homemade paper (I made the paper from the flowers that the seed came from and recycled paper)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


7 foot by 5 foot
From my Series: Skin is like a Quilt
Mixed Medium - canvas, fabric, tulle, tissues, acrylic paint, oil paint (No worries I did the top layer in oil paint and did not mix the paints!) 

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