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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Self Promotion and the Local Paper

I am not a huge fan of self promotion. I went to school for Fine Art; not Marketing (although, yes I took a few Marketing classes). I could easily promote other people, but promoting myself is far more difficult because as I post, a seed of guilt and shame grow inside me (like I've done something wrong). 
However, no one else has picked up the torch and promotes me tirelessly - so I must do it.
Hm, that doesn't work.  I know it is expensive. BUT do you know how expensive art supplies are? Do you know how much time it takes? My studio has overhead costs! I have bills to pay as well! OK, I'll sell my work to you, for less! I will sell you a print of my work! Just click here. High quality print!
So I resort to working in the art community, on a board, in community art classes and workshops. And I find journalist have wrote about me a few times. I have posted one or two of those article in this blog (not all of them). A small moment of free marketing!
Well, I am in the papers again today! In two different articles. 

1. One article is about the local art scene and how many wonderful things are happening here!! Very exciting times for an area that has been so dry for so long!! Join the MVCA!!!
2. The other article is about the fact that the funding for our economically depressed area, is managed in Saratoga County (obviously with a much different economic climate).  The writer didn't use my full opinion, which is: there are policies, formal procedures and local representative overseeing the grant funding process and they do their best; however since Montgomery and Fulton do not have any arts organization to handle the job, and Saratoga is the next closest Arts Center, it makes sense that they handle it.
The quote he did use was my answer to his question: if the city, or this area, gets an arts center up and running, do you think the funding process should come back home? Well, when put that way, sure why not?! BUT who really knows what it will look like when it happens. An Arts Center in this area may just be a conglomerate of all the the arts groups and their funding, and could actually be part of, a legal entity of, or satellite of, the Saratoga Arts Center. Why not?
No one dare quote such speculative comments! 
Many companies are selling out to, or merging with, others! Our local Hospitals "merged".  Even our local Montgomery County Chambers of Commerce is struggling to stand on it's own and is rumored to be merging with Fulton County.  Who can exist as a stand alone? SO who knows what the future holds for them.  It would be a wise route to study right from the beginning...

But please disregard me. I am just a crayon coloring adult, trapped in a childish habit of playing arts and crafts.  I gave up a career (part by force and part by choice) to be a secretary and focus on my childish hobby.   I have no mind for business (regardless of my past career) and should be disregarded!   So I think I will go color now. Please buy my scribbles. (shameless self promoter!)

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