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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Spy Another Adventure...

As I exit the car to go off on our I Spy Adventure, I ask: Should I bring the super zoom lens too?
I brought it in the car with us, it was in my bag, so was my tripod. But I just didn't want to drag the whole bag with me!
With out an answer from my adventure team - I left it behind.

Boy, I wish I had it with me for this shot. I want to see in the crows nest.

Creative challenge: create a good example of consistency. I thought the continuous path of moss growing on this wall might be a good example. After looking at the image, it might have too much contrast in color and texture?

 I tried to focus on what was behind the windows - the inside. I'll admit it was a better idea than an executed image.
 Ah, spring is in the air! Trees are budding, the geese have come back, the ice is melting, the hot oranges of the fall (when I was here last) have turned to a cooler yellowish green, the sun was out, and I wore just a t-shirt!! Me without my sweater?!
Feeds the sole, doesn't it? Spring that is, not my pics! lol

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