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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fire coma

Slipping into a Fire coma...
I thought a Fire would be a good idea - but we all know me with books - no self control! and to have them so readily at my finger tips... if you need me, you might have to (somehow) get into my Fire to let me know - as my mind has been gobbled up into it and my body (outwardly) has slipped into this zombie like state...

Clip art is not a Jessica Murray original

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I can't escape the news papers these days...

Although my CAUSE (spreading arts appreciation and inspiration... and creating fun things to do), loves the attention and free press, I am not fond of seeing my picture in print. lol

Luckily the newest stream of press releases do not include my mug shot, but promote the MVCA!

Our guest speakers - the always fun cast of characters I am lucky enough to also call friends...
Garrison Excelsior, part of the 501st Legion of Imperial Stormtroopers (a professional costuming group that takes great joy out of constructing movie accurate costumes from the ...Star Wars Universe)
...with another round of "thank you"s to Christian, Bob, and Tim!!!

Check out the article below... just a side note - I did not change my profession.. I am NOT an nurse (although I dressed as one once, for Halloween)... still an artist first and foremost, and a paralegal for 8 hours of my day. :)


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Workshop Proposal... Would you join this workshop??

My friend Linda E. has been asking me (since forever) to do a workshop class for FOVAPA summer program. Finally I said yes - whatever they need. As many of you know, I can do and teach many things. She then suggested crocheting... well, that is one thing I can do, but not teach! (long story)
After going back and forth I think we know what I will do. I wrote up the following workshop guideline and did a practice run with my son and sweetheart.

Assemblage Sculpture in Animal or Human Form

The idea: So I make small dolls using the methods of assemblage, creating, sculpting, painting, etc. In the workshop we will focus on the assemblage method due to the short time of the class (one hour).  The sculptures are to be about 6 inches when completed (smaller or bigger - but I have small items in my box of things).
Assemblage is an artistic process which consists of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects.
The reason for the Animal or Human form is two-fold. First, because I make "dolls" (the human form) and I can teach what I know.  I make "dolls" because the human form is one of the most powerful archetypal forms known to mankind, since cavemen drew them on walls. Animal forms are almost as strong of an image and just as much of an archetype. (I could easily take a full hour talking about archetypal images and the window into the soul, but I won't.) Second, I am presenting the class to males and females (and not all of them want to play with dolls) and this is a soulful activity that has nothing to do with dolls - instead it is about form.  If I just called the workshop assemblage sculpture the attendees might take longer to try to figure out what to make out of the objects and run out of time. This will focus the group.

Supplies: a shoebox full of miscellaneous crafty and found objects
(feathers, screws, nuts, bolts, buttons, toothpicks, random wooden forms, paper, ribbon, sticks, stones, paint pens, yarn scraps and more)
Tools: hammers, scissors, wire cutters, screwdrivers (my small hand tool box)
and to stick it all together: wood glue, a few types of wire, hot glue guns, tape... and more

Practice Group:
I dragged the above items into the kitchen and dumped them on the kitchen counter. I set the timer for 1 hour and I explained what to do. Both of my test participants began before I was done explaining. 

Close to the end of the hour I had to be done - because I knew I wouldn't have enough time to make a skirt for my human form. Having more glue guns, and more tools could have helped me finish in the allotted time. 

At the end of the hour the furry mammoth was done. 

And the other human form just needed a minute more on the glue gun. (see pics)

I know I would have very limited funds for supplies.  I could easily clean out my craft room and have almost everything needed.  I have two glue guns, at $4 each I should buy 2 more low temp ones (unless there will be some available). I would have to buy more wire, glue, and tape. And the tools, I could rummage through my garage to see if I have more - however the dollar store have cheep tools if I need to buy a few extra and can't find someone to lend them to me. I think the limited supply funds will cover the costs.

7/29/12 UPDATE!!!! August 5th - FOVAPA Festival!!! Come join the fun at the Fonda Fair Grounds from 12-4. Stop in and join this workshop!!!!

I Spy Another Adventure...

As I exit the car to go off on our I Spy Adventure, I ask: Should I bring the super zoom lens too?
I brought it in the car with us, it was in my bag, so was my tripod. But I just didn't want to drag the whole bag with me!
With out an answer from my adventure team - I left it behind.

Boy, I wish I had it with me for this shot. I want to see in the crows nest.

Creative challenge: create a good example of consistency. I thought the continuous path of moss growing on this wall might be a good example. After looking at the image, it might have too much contrast in color and texture?

 I tried to focus on what was behind the windows - the inside. I'll admit it was a better idea than an executed image.
 Ah, spring is in the air! Trees are budding, the geese have come back, the ice is melting, the hot oranges of the fall (when I was here last) have turned to a cooler yellowish green, the sun was out, and I wore just a t-shirt!! Me without my sweater?!
Feeds the sole, doesn't it? Spring that is, not my pics! lol

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