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Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 ~ New Year Challenge

Happy New Year!
This year's challenge is: To do something creative every day.
My personal goal is: To finish something creative everyday.

January 1 -

January 2 - 

January 3 - 

January 4 - 

January 5 - 
Started altering an image to create a print - to print and paint. 
I also did some creative work on my new website - not yet available to you - but will be soon!!!
And I took these photos. 

      I must challenge you, like I do every year, to make it a goal to use your creativity for a good cause during the year. 
    I started this blog in 2010 with the purpose to journal my activity of cleaning out my large collection of unused yarn - making hats and scarves and donating them to a homeless shelter and making small blankets and donating them to an animal rescue. (this is where my name came from)
     The blog and all my web content quickly changed and became about all of my creative endeavors.  But I have never forgotten my pledge to use my creativity for causes. I have also found my own personal cause - to inspire others to create. Please do not let a creative talent sit inside you unused!
     In 2011, again I donated my art and crafts - less publicly. BUT I feel I should mention it, because I am challenging you to do the same and feel I should lead by example. Please find something your creativity can support then donate, volunteer, and spread the creativity. 
     So in 2012, we shall make it the year to be creative. Don't just sit there - go do something creative!!!

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