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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Spy with my Sunday Eye - Comic Con!

 Besides taking photos of some amazing costumes and"toys", I met many wonderful artists!

  I met the guy who did the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Bionicles when they came out. My son had all of the at one point! His name is Randy Elliot. He has done many other projects and is currently teaching art at a community college - can you imagine going to class to discover your teacher is an illustrator for comic books?

Met a sculptor, Paul Harding, who is a friend of a friend. So I introduced myself.

And I ran into an old friend Chris (who better "friend" me on Facebook link on bottom of page - lol). He made a replica of R2D2! It was complete with noises and movements - very cool. He is part of a Star Wars group that has very authentic looking customes and all sorts of star wars things. As you can tell by my photos, I liked their costumes the best!

Another wonderful illustrator was there with his work and was very good, but I didn't catch his name. He was bouncing his little girl on his lap and I said I liked his work and he said - she was his masterpiece! Awww.

I spoke to so many creative people but those are the ones I thought worth mentioning - who had the best personalities and work.

You could look up two other illustrators who work is worth looking at - but they obviously didn't want to have conversations with people.  I can't hate on them too much, their work is actually good: Christopher Uminga and Matthew J. Fletcher.

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