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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crocheted Lapel Pins

I am not sure why, but I got crazy making these lapel pins. I started by double crocheting a circle with an inexpensive cotton yarn (so I could keep the price down) and then pulled out all my fun, expensive, and funky yarns and got very creative with stitching and basically did a spiral.

Some days I am very flowery but I wasn't feeling flowery this day.
I finished up with big chunky, sparkly beads wired and sewn into the center (or through-out a couple of them).
Considering the time and materials these are a steal at $25 each.

Unfortunately these photos don't do the colors and textures justice. I think it is the color and texture that caused me to fixate on these for a day.

Not all were a success. Unfortunately some landed in the UFO basket! (UFO = Un-Finished Objects) Someday I will make them into something else.

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  1. The yellow one with purple center is no longer available.


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