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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughts for 2011

Where do ideas come from?
What is creativity? Where does it come from?
What is art?

I am planning to explore these concepts this year. I think it is worth some thought.
I am not sure where it will lead but I am hopeful that it will be a wonderful place.

I know the negativity kills the creative flow. Careless words dropped can be painful and pain can jam up the creative flow.
What is meant when someone says something, what they actually say, and what the listener hears can be three different things. So I think I will explore the definitions of terms I say carelessly that might actually mean something different from what I meant.

This come'n from a starving artist (meaning: hasn't actually sold a million dollar artwork yet). Although you may hear: I am actually quite poor regardless of selling my art work - oh poor girl. But in my mind a 'starving artist' is just a term for a true artist, someone who struggles to make art their entire life. (This includes those fortunate enough to make a living creating art, but hasn't become a millionaire from the endeavor. I mean, let's face it... if you choose to live a creative life, then don't expect to be rich. Most artist worth their weight in creativity don't get paid what they are worth.) Just saying.
But because I am actually quite poor, at this time, I will not use the term 'starving artist' for all true artist who are waiting to be discovered. I know now that artist who get paid a regular paycheck for their art don't want to be in a classification with me - since some days I am actually starving.

So let me try to define terms and concepts - let me explain a few creative ideas. Let's try to speak the same language.
It's just an idea...

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