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Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking forward to St. Valentine's Day...

I have been the usual busy, that I always am. I like to fill up my days.
I've recently updated all my online accounts, blogs, and social media. And of course the usual job hunting and interviewing... But I always take time out to be creative.
I have made a few more crocheted things, CLICK HERE TO SEE.
I have partially reorganized my studio.
I have been ignoring my paints - sigh... I need to get back into them!

But I have been working on Valentine's crafts. My son and I always hand make each other Valentines and make a special meal to share... and our special dessert... that my mom actually used to make for me growing up. The St. Valentine's Day Float!

St. Valentine's Day Float
You will need:
a tall glass
1 or 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
red or pink soda
(finding soda that is red or pink is always the problem... start looking for it right away... but I found a red cherry soda this year so we are set!)
and a straw

Scoop ice cream into tall glass. Pour soda slowly over it till glass is full. Pop in the straw.
Please note that these drinks seldom taste good. We have done it every year and never have I been able to drink an entire glass. Children on the other hand - they can drink it. My son looks forward to it!!! (and since I already have the soda, my son is really looking forward to Valentine's day!)

Check out a St. Valentine's Craft idea HERE.

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