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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Interesting Quote

Along my way on my personal quest for the understanding of creativity and my pursuit of all things creative... I stumbled on this advertisement.
Let me share the quote... but I squished a couple words that should be removed and in [and in the color pink] I added a few words. I did this so you can see how I read it.

Quote from:
"Creativity comes more naturally to some than others. Even if you are the most creative person on Etsy [in the world]—by itself, that doesn’t get you very far. You must be able to harness that creativity to work for your Etsy [your] success in practical ways.

"Etsy is full of copycats and lack of creativity is the primary cause. Truly successful businesses [and creative people] are innovators both in their products and the way daily operations are performed. Innovations come from creativity—creativity can be performed in a more intentional manner to encourage your personal success. Additional creativity never hurts anyone!"

Disclaimer - I do not have an Etsy account nor do I promote or have any affiliations with Etsy or Handmadeology. I also do not have any issues with Etsy or Handmadeology. All I am saying is I like the quote.

If you'd like to buy the book that this quote is advertising follow the link above to it.

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