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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to my normal creative life...

Well, I survived the Holidays. I made 32 handmade gifts this year. Phew (Posted pics on Facebook)
Unfortunately I waited till the last minute to start working on them. So I did the usual mad creative dash. Not that I mind - I love the rush of creativity. The beautiful decorations and wonderful holiday feeling is a great inspiration to create!
Not to mention how much I love to give to others and see joy in their face, when they open a handmade gift. (Not everyone got a handmade gift this year - I am sorry. It cost more to make most things than to just buy them and with the economy I just couldn't afford it.)
So it took me a few weeks to unwind and reset my head. (I felt lost after the rush.)
I crocheted a few things and made a doll to help ease me back to reality. (I have a few requests for those colonial dolls)
And now I am working on balancing out... back to my normal creative life.

Big plans for 2011!
Finish the painting series of faces.
Finish painting the Kitchen and the bathroom (why can I do a room makeover in a weekend but it takes me YEARS to paint the kitchen?!)
Help start up a Artist's Social Club: for musicians, poets, and artists of all types... including a gallery!
And so much more!

Stay tuned, it should be a great year. I am happy to be share'n it with all of you!

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