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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Art... it is more than just a painting in a museum!

It is a life style. It is a compulsion. It is.. when someone says "hey - the spare room should be cleaned out" and Art can't just put on the radio, pick up a dust cloth and clean.
No! Not Art! Art just oozed out of me and all over the idea!

Empty room - (make house cluttered and unbearable)
Paint room - (paint two thick layers so it takes two days to dry - while house is still unbearable)
Take on a fireplace painting project at someone else's house - (home still cluttered - can't even find the stove - it might be behind that bed standing upright in the kitchen?)
Pull out back - (ah rest.. but only half day cause clutter drives me nuts... do laundry, dust pick-up to try to reclaim order)
Go shopping - (well I did need a new dress for an upcoming wedding)
Vacuum and steam carpet - (well, I lived with the clutter this long and I might as well while all the furniture is out)
Put away all the stuff that isn't going in that room - (this isn't all the way done. Ya see I have to move the cape cod decorations in my room and move some things around to make new "homes" for things. I think I will put the cape cod decorations in the bathroom... which should be painted... and needs a place to put the towels... do I feel a new project?)
Once floor is dry, move back in furniture - (but I debated buying paint for the bathroom first!)

So to rest, I will crochet a throw pillow for the bed in the newly cleaned up room. Maybe even make a curtain. tee hee.

Before and after pics:

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