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Saturday, August 14, 2010

SPAC Celebrates an Artist!

SPAC Had a great idea last year - they invited Artist to come paint/draw during a performance of the Philadelphia Orchestra. It was such a good time they did it again this year!
I was invited to go sit on the lawn and paint/draw and enjoy myself while listening to a live performance! It was a good time - I LOVE drawing while listening to classical music!

My handy dandy helper (in the photo to the left, looking off at someone else painting) made yummy food and kept serving it up all night!

Before the show I laid out the groundwork for what I wanted to draw. I was photographed by SPAC's Marketing department and chatted with many people passing by. So I stepped back to take a photo of myself - unsuccessfully! lol
We will have to wait for the shot SPAC took of me!

Here is my completed drawing - of course I used my camera phone to take the pic so it isn't the best... not to mention I was drawing in the DARK! But it was a good time! I hope I can do it again next year!!


  1. very neat!! I hope we can sync our schedules better next summer. This one has been filled with stuff I have done and stuff that I still want to do!


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