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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Opportunity to give!!!!

Here is a wonderful opportunity to give!!! I am always looking for them (and share'n them with you). As well as many activities you can get involved with for our own personal enrichment.

FOVAPA (Friends of the Visual and Performing Arts) is an organization in my county that "strive(s) to increase opportunities for youth and adults to experience, appreciate and participate in the arts in Mohawk Valley" (quote from their mission statement).
Many reputable artist work with this organization including my favorite art teacher: Joel - teaching a printing class with them!

The following is a direct quote from FOVAPA's Website. Contact them directly with any contributions.

We are in need of the following items for our summer workshops:

~ plastic bags

~ fabric strips

~ cellophane

~ foil

~ newspaper

~ Syrup bottles

~ Large coffee cans

~ Creamer containers

~ Gift wrap tubes or large tubes/pvc pipe

~ Drink mix containers (the kind that has the individual packs inside that make 2 quarts)

~ Sticks for drum sticks

Your support is appreciated!

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