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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Children - the ultimate inspiration!

Saw a cute pic today - of my nieces at the beach. It is their favorite place to be.

I was thinking last night that I would love to pack myself up and spend a day at a beach.

So I spent today at the beach with them!!!
...well actually it was a day in my studio with paint
...and I didn't end up putting both of them in the pic because it was more dynamic with just the one.

But I had a good time.

And now I have to do a painting of the other niece so she doesn't get jealous! lol


  1. I really love this! Is it for you to keep, or will you give it to the family?

  2. wonderful - you are on a roll!!

  3. Love this... love the colors you are using these days.. very ME colors too... wonder if it si a family resemblance!


  4. @ Linda - I am just building my portfolio. Focusing on creating. I figure all my art will find homes someday.
    @ La - these are the same colors I use for all my work - and always have. I use White, Cadmium Red, Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, and Yellow Ochre. Each of these color can be seen in it's pure form on every one of my paintings - and I mix all the rest of the colors by layering thin transparent layers of the pure color or mixed secondary colors. (takes forever to do, cause I have to wait for each layer to dry) I started doing this in 1993, and I always go back to it. If the rainbow is your colors, then I guess it is all in the family! lol
    I haven't done anything all week - but when I saw the pics of the girls at the beach, it just inspired me... I dropped everything and painted it.


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