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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

59th Annual Central Adirondack Art Show

July 16 - August 15 The Arts Center/Old Forge will host the Central Adirondack Art Show.
"Fine arts exhibit of acrylics, oils, watercolors, drawings, pastels, mixed media and sculpture. The show is designed to challenge the professional artist and to encourage the beginning artist." - In The Sun publication June/July 2010

I have a piece in this show: I submitted my mixed media piece "Grandma's Quilt" for the Unique Portrait Category and the Mixed Media Category.

If you are thinking of making the adventure up there, then let me recommend that you go the weekend of July 17-18. Then you can go to two events in one drive because Inlet's Arts in the Park is just a couple miles up the road!!!
July 17-18 = Arts in the Park, Arrowhead Park - Inlet, NY
"100 artisans and craftsmen... music... food... (315) 357-5501" - In The Sun publication June/July 2010

Word of caution from my own person experiences with driving up there (2.5 hours from Albany, NY):
if you see a sign for snowmobiles crossing, don't worry - they hibernate for the summer!
BUT BEARS, big black colored bears, sometimes cross at those signs!!! The are not hibernating now!!! Stay inside your vehicle if you see one and hide your picnic basket! (and have your brakes checked before you go - so you can stop in time!)

The Arts Center/Old Forge - 3260 State Route 28 - Old Forge, NY
Free for members - $8 for non-members

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