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Friday, May 14, 2010

Super Interactive Art!!!

a n d . a . v i e w . t h a t . e n v e l o p e s . y o u r . p e r i p h e r a l . v i s i o n !

here is an interesting concept:
  • you walk into a gallery room
  • and see a huge expanse of little squares hanging on a line (or a few)
  • the little squares fill your view
  • you can make out some words, some words you can't make out completely
  • behind you is a photo-booth!! Who doesn't LOVE a photo-booth?!?!?!
  • you jump in and SnAp! woo-hoo!
  • you cut one of the photos off and slip it into one of the little squares hanging on a line...
sounds interactive right?

But there is more!!! You then have to go to the museum's website and look for yourself.
kinda cool - an added level of interaction.
But there is more: they have posted some of the pics on facebook! You can tag yourself!!!

Here are some links to the super interactive art: Seattle Art Museum, Facebook Album

Andy Warhol took our everyday images and made them into art, giving modern idols a place in the art world! This photo wall is a fitting tribute to him. In today's world it would not be enough to make a huge litho of the word "Facebook" in a blue field or even just an "f" for that matter! No. In today's world we'd have to get the viewers of the art to actually click on facebook in order to make the equivalent statement. It says so much about our current "Pop Culture".
I'll give this a five star rating: ***** (who knew I'd start a rating system?!)

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