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Monday, May 17, 2010

I found myself.... I always seem to do when I meander down memory lane. I was beautiful yet so messed up. Many time I look back and my poor decision are so ugly, I forget about the beautiful parts of those memories.
My first million years of college I wish to forget because I really failed that opportunity (what an UGLY mess). But I met so many amazing artists, had the opportunity to study under them and they have impacted my talent to this day. That is the part I shouldn't forget.
It might not surprise you if I confess that I had a problem with authority, back then. Ya see, they just wouldn't listen to me! (lol) And I fought with them (more, with the ones I liked more). I sadly let myself forget their names.
They might like to know that this arrogant lil punk actually did listen in between my smoke breaks (which were of course more often than permitted). And I learned too! It just took 10 years or so for it all to sink in!!
I recently saw art work in Munson William Proctor's 62nd Exhibition of Central New York Artists that reminded me of those days. I discovered, those were done by some of my past instructors (which is a long story).
I wonder where the rest of those instructor are now. I found one today. A painting teacher, who actually had a big impact on my current works. We were remembering those days and she was asking if I remembered any of the other teachers and I must have looked so dumb trying to remember with her.... now that I am home, ah! I remember!!! Oh yeah!!! lol. We could have had a better time reminiscing if only I didn't try to forget everything!! I should have retained so much more!!! (and now a flood of memories is sweeping through my mind.)
I have learned to accept the good with the bad in my memories of so much of my life - why I didn't with these college memories is beyond me.

Dear... of all those instructors who suffered (and some did) with me - Thank you, you meant a lot to me.
Here are some of my drawings from those years:

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