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Saturday, May 8, 2010


I tried to Google Search for this blog. I was curious as to how search-able it is. I found interesting sites called:
Art For a Cause (.com)
Art with a Cause (.org)
Art BeCAUSE (.org)
Art 4 Cause (.com)
Art 4 Cause Intl (.com)
Sadly many of them haven't been active since 2008.

Unfortunately I didn't find this blog. sigh

I did find something a bit stranger that came up in the search. Many of us have heard about the research the government did on LSD in the 50's and 60's? Well the outcome of one test has been posted on someone's blog. I am not sure if it is the actual documentation or just someone with too much time on their hands making it up, but it is interesting (none the less).
It is interesting because it showed up in a search for "Art with Cause" - and it is seemingly so different from everything else that came up in the search.
It is also interesting because the drawings are strange and the documentation on the side is almost comical.
So if you have a moment for something completely bizarre, then check it out: AcidTrip1

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