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Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Drawing

The concept behind this drawing was very interesting.
Everyone in the room wrote on four slips of paper (one slip was a place, next slip an emotion, then a sound, and finally an object) and placed them in the respectively labeled jars. Then we had a lottery to draw out any slip of paper.
place = my mind
emotion = happy childhood memory like a warm spring day
sound = echo
object = an old bloodied leather glove
Then we had to create a drawing using these four elements. So I set out to do some research on myself. I also focused on a thought that was handed to me by Mr. C: Go back to the images that you tended to draw when you were younger - there was a reason you drew them and pull from that resource. (slightly paraphrased)
My childhood drawings had tall vertical elements in a rhythm through the page: Ladders, tall flowers, tall trees, tall houses. And a few horizontal elements: leaves and people were small at the bottom, flower tops and birds were at the top, and the middle only had ladder rungs or windows.
So I went back into my MIND and drew these elements (Happy Childhood Memory) in a repeating pattern (Echo) - then abruptly was stumped by the "evil glove"!
It interrupted my thoughts like an accident in the middle of a fun picnic... hey yeah! Like a bad memory can rip through a good memory!!!
Essentially I did two works and put them together.
I did the Bad memories using ripped out pages from my old sketchbook (and altered them with ink washes to make them look older).
Then I did washes of pastel and acrylic gel medium on canvas (primed and laid paper on) to represent the happy warm memories.
Then I ripped the canvas with five tears (the fingers of the glove) to expose the inside (bad memories).

During critique my friends said they wished they could see more of the bad memories. But really they are the things we work to keep hidden! And self created symbols to represent my issues.
But I did take a picture of the inside before I assembled it.
So here they are the finished drawing and the detail of the insides.
Let me know what you think.

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