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Friday, April 23, 2010

This is for you.

From the creator of Crafts for a Cause

I created Craft for a Cause on Facebook to encourage crafters and artists to donate their unused craft supplies to their favorite charities. I chose the name to include crafters, because if it was named ‘Art…’ then many crafters would be intimidated and would not click the ‘like’ button, becoming a ‘Fan’.

However, I have learned that the name doesn’t really fit and Facebook will not let you change the name once it is picked.

Crafts for a Cause is for crafters, for artists, and for you. My hope is to inspire people to create and to create with a purpose to give back to the world. Not to create an artful scrapbook page and tuck it away in a book but to recognize that the talent and visual product can be used to inspire other or used in other charitable ways (be creative).

As the page grows so does the scope of its content, clinging loosely to the mission to inspire people to create and give.

I hope that you, the fans contribute and make the page yours. (So far you are a rather quiet crowd)

It is a place to:
*find inspiration (hopefully through sharing);
*find a collection of other Fan Pages (Museums, Art Supplies Stores, and many others);
*post you art/current creative projects (Open critiques, ask opinions, and show off a little);
*promote your creative businesses (Free advertising!!! Yes, please link us to you!!!);
*post your ideas on how to donate those unused supplies (other people maybe willing but fall short of ideas);
*pledge your donation and update everyone on how you are doing at keeping that pledge (for example: I pledged to make one hat/scarf a month for a year, and donate them to a homeless shelter this fall using up my surplus yarn);
*find support, for those “craft supply collectors” who were once actual “crafters”;
*post pics of projects made to be donated and pics of you in the process of donating;
*make new friends in the arts and craft world.

And now I am including “Calls for Artist” (Invitation for artist and crafters to take part in competitions and juried shows).

I have also opened the discussion board. I have skills in many of the visual arts and I am willing to share my ideas, techniques, and secrets with you. (I hope you use it.)

Now (while being entirely too wordy) I am creating this blog to accompany it.

This blog will be a bit more personal than the fan page; I will give opinions and thoughts on my fan page posts. I will also share more of my personal art so you can enjoy it and also see why I feel I am in a position to give advise and skill lesson’s to other artists/crafters.

So this is for you. Feel free to let me know what you’d like from it. I am open to catering to my audience and to make both this blog and Crafts for a Cause into what you need it to be.

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