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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun Fan Page to Share!!

So, I found this fan page on Facebook, Museum of Poor Art, and it is so interesting to me that I have to share some thoughts. This page inspires me, it saddens me, it makes me laugh, and it brings me through a range of emotions (like a good theatrical production).

It seems the work falls into categories:
*First, many of the pieces are obviously the best works of people who have a strong desire to create, yet haven't learned the skills yet - I hope being featured doesn't stump their creative passions. These pieces inspire me. They have a raw truth to them. I hope I too can capture truth in my works, and my readers also value truth in their creative endeavors.
*Next are pieces that, sadly, do not belong on there. Some abstract works, although commonly misunderstood by the masses, are technically good pieces showing a level of skill and proper use of the elements and principles of design. I'll forgive those who "didn't get the memo".
*Others are actually: poorly made attempts at art. These, I find myself laughing at. They are comical. (I won't read the comments on any other works but these.) Some are pretty warped and since the artist probably knew they were striking out against social convention, I have no problem mocking them.
Also, I love their logo - and how it resembles the Museum of Modern Art's logo. Fun.So, check it out. I hope you have as good a time wandering around in it's galleries (albums) as I have had!

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