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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Be well and be creative

How has it been 2 weeks since I posted last?!

For the most part, I have spent that time fighting off a cold which wasn’t. By that I mean: I know I am getting sick as I am congestion, runny nose, and tired – but it’s not yet a full-blown cold.  I have an autoimmune disease and so I will probably be fighting it off for weeks. Sadly, because I probably am not sick at all anymore, it's just my immune system in overdrive still creating mucus to trap the germs and fight nothing so hard that it is tiring me out.  BUT I am taking my medicines, supplements, and staying hydrated (and when I am home I am keeping the humidity high) – doing everything right. Including resting. So, very little to post or report in on. 

Warm comfy bed where I have been living

I am starting to get inquiries about some orders that have been delayed. I am trying. Honest.
Work has been super busy and put in some extra hours – not as many as I expected.  I turned down some side shuffle work to be prepared for the extra hours at work – so that sucks. Although the extra time to rest was good.

* * *

In other news – I am a (pet) grandma!!! YAY!!
The happy couple and me in the center
(feeling so blah from this congestion)
My son and his lovely girlfriend adopted a few fish! And like a good grandma, I spoiled my new grandbabies with a fabulous crib – a SpongeBob toy and a castle as well!  That is how I spent last weekend! Took a whole day to set-up, get things to the right temp, and wait the right amount of time for the quick set-up chemicals to do their thing. Then go to a fish adoption center (a/k/a PetSmart) and select our new family members (along with the castle and food for them).  Bring them home and let the bags float while we went out to eat - and finally introduce them to their new home.
The babies' new crib and toys

Meet Jellybean (on left) and Avocado (on right)

Meet Dumpling, who is a bristle nose pleco

A Frightening Tuesday Morning this past week:
My brother is stationed in Kodiak Alaska - and as many of you know they had a 7.9 earthquake and tsunami warning.  
At 5:30 am my time - he told us they were safe through the earthquake and at that point national news said it was an 8. on the Richter scale, making it a major earthquake (last major earthquake in Alaska caused a tsunami that wiped out Kodiak island and killed over 100 people - just for perspective). 
At 6:30 when I saw the national tsunami warnings on the news and my coffee was kicking in - I realized that my family was in a real life-threatening situation and it could be the last conversation I was having with my bro, via texts.  
7:30 am I learned they downgraded the tsunami and my brother was in a location considered "safe".  
8:30 am I learned that a 1-foot high wave had hit the shores of Kodiak hours ago and I learned that news from Alaska to the east coast of the US takes a very long time!!! (even with all this great technology)   - 
So thankful for this best-case scenario and that the tsunami literally fizzled out. Tuesday (and this week and this blog) could have been a very, very sad story. Very thankful!

Tracking Christmas Packages:

As you might remember from December 31st post - my sister's Christmas gift (shipped to Germany on December 14th) was missing in action! Tracking was able to tell me it was somewhere between Frankfurt and Berlin - just no one really knew where. 
"receiver unknown" and returned to me
And since on Tuesday her visa was renewed for another 13 months (woo-hoo!! congrats!!!) - I think I now have a new sweater!!! (Because I am not trying that again!) However, I LOVE IT!! tee hee

Back in my studio:

*The baby blanket I am crocheting did run out of yarn before it was finished! Had to order more yarn online. Should be here in 2 weeks (so early next week??) I posted a pic of it started in my last post on here. (on other social media I was sharing how nervous I was that I was not going to have enough to finish the project)

*My sewing projects are cut and laid out. I need to pin them.  Have to finally sit at the machine and sew.  But since I do not work from a pattern – it requires a clear head and thought to sew it in the right order and in the right way. AND I need to measure Auntie for hers!! (Do you hear that, Auntie??)

*And my canvases are almost ready – one more sanding of the gesso and one more layer is needed – but I might just skip ahead since I add deep texture to my painting the texture of the canvas does help hold the paint better than a smooth canvas (although I do adore a silky smooth canvas).

And because I have not yet committed to more than I can accomplish (maybe I have, but...):

A friend of mine twisted my arm to join her - so next month I am starting a “Temperature Afghan” on her birthday.  (google it - It’s a fun concept and a commitment of very little time.) The idea is that you crochet or knit a certain number of stitches a day (or week) with the color yarn that you have assigned to the average temperature of that day (or week). Or something like that - I didn't really read the directions.

Here is an example:
and here is one of many suggested color charts for the project:
Image's Pintrest Link was disabled
I cannot cite source 
And here is me: “ . . . . . uh . . . no ”

I think THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO USE UP MY YARN STASH!!! So, like I ALWAYS do – I am tossing out the directions! I want to make a lap blanket – I think if I crochet about 20 stitches per day (maybe a double crochet?), for 7 days and then start the next row it will be manageable (and if I fall behind then that should be easy to catch up on).  I am assigning yarn from my stash to each temperature range and not necessarily blues for cold and reds for warm – nope. Much more random than that. And we will let the HIGH temperature every day determine the color choice!  I will be mixing it up quite a bit – what fun!! So I have until her birthday to sort through the stash and create my chart for temperature and set the yarn aside, so I don’t accidentally use it on some other sudden inspiration! Lol 

Well, friends - thanks for visiting. Be well - stay well - and avoid all these viruses and colds going around! Best bet is to avoid people and lock yourself in your creative space and do something magical! (or if you are trying to get well, then hide in bed with plenty of fluids and don't forget to wash your blankets to get rid of those germs!) 

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